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FAQ's (Customer Service Inbound)

How do I become an agent?

Please review the process and click submit application. Before you click submit, please ensure all information is read.

Will I have to submit a resume?

The Agent Application must be completed online. You may paste resume information into the Comments section of the application. Please do not fax, mail or email your resume.

How will I know if I am accepted?

All applicants will receive a confirmation email for each step completed. You have 30 days from completion of the registration process to enroll in a client certification course. Enrolling in – and passing – a client certification course is the last step before you can begin providing services on a client program.

How long will the process take?

The process will take 1-2 days depending on the background check


  • ​Arise provides information on the service rates for each project (as well as other important information) in the applicable Opportunity Announcement. Opportunity Announcements are accessed on the Arise Portal by clicking on the information icon of the client program of interest. Service rates are only available to company owners.
  • Your registration on the Arise platform does not mean you have a relationship with Arise. The business relationship is between Arise and the call center companies using the platform. Therefore, Arise pays the call center companies. Arise does not pay individuals who work for such companies. The compensation arrangements made between you and the call center company you work for are between you and such company.
  • The compensation arrangements made between call center companies and the agents working are solely up to the call center company you are working for.
  •  Opportunity Announcements are accessed on the Arise Portal by clicking on the information icon of the client program of interest. Service rates are only available to company owners.


The pay period is the 11th and 25th of each month unless the days fall on a holiday or weekend. At that time, the pay will then be the next business day. A statement will be sent out prior to the money being dispersed.

This customer service inbound position is a CONTRACTOR position which means you are paid under 1099. We ask that you consult your TAX ADVISER for financial advice. 


Courses range anywhere from 28 days to 8 weeks in length. Each session is normally 4 hours long. Often the course is instructor-led but there are also self-directed components, and there may be requirements to complete prior to the next day’s class. Everything is virtual. Videos and audio components are built into the online experience.


Application and Background Fee paid to VTEC Home Solutions: $20.00 

Initial Client Services (Certification Class): The prices varies depending on the client's request

Arise Platform $19.95 per check. This fee is for the usage of the systems, meetings, on-going training and monitoring

VTEC Home Solutions $19.95 per check for administrative fees

Why should I pay to get a job?

VTEC HOME SOLUTIONS along with Arise provides an opportunity to work from home. Your are CONTRACTED out to work for major companies such as travel, recreation, tax, etc to answer customer inbound calls. You are also provided on-going training materials and system downloads to help you become an UNDISPUTED TOP PERFORMER.

System Requirements

It is very important to ensure you have the proper systems. Please review

Learn More

Want to become an agent

5-Step Process


Create a profile (click orange button at top of page "register now")


Takes a few minutes to submit to a third party.

Upon completion of the background check the third-party vendor sends the information to Arise. Once the background check is received, it will be reflected on your registration dashboard. If you have received an update that the background check is complete, but this is not reflected on your dashboard, please select “Online Help” available Monday – Friday 10am to 6pm EST or e-mail Arise Registration at [email protected] and we will respond within three business days.

NDA & Master Agreement


The Master Services Agreement is the primary legal contract that contains the general terms and conditions that govern the business relationship between Arise and your company.

Having the general legal terms and conditions in this master agreement allows your company to quickly pursue business opportunities using the Arise Platform by entering into Statements of Work for different client programs without the need to repeat the governing terms and conditions.

The provisions in the Master Services Agreement outline, among other things, the relationship between Arise and your company, the protection and ownership of each party’s intellectual property and requirements for protecting confidential information belonging to clients and their customers.

The Master Services Agreement also provides the terms that will govern in the event of any legal conflicts between Arise, clients and your company. These terms state that legal conflicts will be resolved through arbitration instead of through a court of law.

In addition, the Master Services Agreement contains provisions pursuant to which you and your company waive the right to participate in a class action lawsuit against Arise or any clients.

The Master Services Agreement does not expire unless it is terminated by either Arise or your company.

The Master Services Agreement can be terminated by either you or Arise if either party:

Breaches of the terms of the Master Services Agreement

Engages in unprofessional business practices; or

Becomes subject to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or a liquidation proceeding; makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors; or admits in writing its inability to pay its debts when due.

The Master Services Agreement may also be terminated by either party if there are no active Statements of Work.


The Non-Disclosure Agreements are contracts through which the parties agree not to disclose confidential information of the other party or the clients (including the client’s customers) to third parties.

Any information that is provided to you, to your company, or to your agents by Arise or its clients or otherwise in connection with your provision of services must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone.


The Acknowledgement and Waiver Agreement (the “Waiver”) is a contract between your company and each of your agents who is providing services on behalf of your company using the Arise Platform.

The Waiver contains a provision regarding “Arbitration of Claims” as well as a “Class Action Waiver.”

By signing the Waiver your agent is agreeing that he or she will bring any claims against your company, as well as Arise or any client, in arbitration as opposed to in court.

Your agents are also agreeing to bring any such claims on an individual basis only (as opposed to bringing a class action, collective action, or any other type of aggregated action)


Enter the FEIN 45-1725287 of the call center company you will be working for (just a click of a button!)


After discussing options with your company, choose the client program(s) you would like to service.

Each client offers a certification course that must be passed in order to begin servicing. These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses that provide information on the client’s systems that you will be using to service, as well as the requirements for the program. 

Submit Application

Application Fee

We thank you for your payment. Please pay prior to submitting your application.

Application Fee