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Breaking away for the summer can help earn you additional money

October 29, 2016


in Home Based Business Opportunities

School’s out for the summer, as the song says! It’s the time of year for you as a teacher to relax by the pool, take a family vacation and unwind with some well-deserved “me time.” At least, that’s the perception that most non-teachers have of the profession. “What a great job! You get summers off!”


The reality is few teachers spend their entire summers relaxing. Although teaching is one of the most noble of professions, the pay doesn’t support the importance of the teacher’s work. So many teachers supplement their income by working in the summer and when they’re not teaching. However, even though you want to earn extra money, the last thing you want is to face a job with a rigid schedule and long hours. The key is to find an opportunity that puts you in control. Be your own boss. Set your schedule. Work only on the days you want. Work as little or as much as you want.

The Arise Network gives you the opportunity to earn extra money but on your own terms. Arise is changing the way companies think about call center services and provides a virtual platform to connect primarily work-at-home small call center businesses to Fortune 500 and other large companies.


Choose the days and blocks of time you want to work. Work from home, so you’re there with the kids – since they are on (real) summer vacation. And, you can actually have fun while you work.

You don’t have to worry about sales pressure, deadlines, or micro-managing bosses looking over your shoulder. Arise has opportunities for your small business to provide customer support for trusted brands. Pick the industries you that interest you most, such as travel, retail, healthcare and more.

Make the most of your time while working from home

November 15, 2016


in Blog, Home Based Business Opportunities

You may already know that when you work from home you stand the greatest chance of success and enjoyment when you follow an established routine. That means you show up at your desk at the same time, take regular breaks, and follow a protocol of dos and don’ts.

One of the ‘dos’ that comes highly recommended by wellness professionals is to incorporate a minimum of 20 minutes of movement/exercise into your work day. Doing so has significant health benefits such as helping to:

Reduce stress

Relieve tension in the back, neck, shoulders, hips and wrists by increasing blood flow

Increase metabolism and prevent weight gain

Release endorphins and elevate your mood

Increase alertness and concentration

Prevent cramps

Plus it’s easy to do especially when you work from home. In fact, in less than the time most people spend sitting in their cars commuting to and from work every day (stressed out), you can be increasing your overall health and well-being with some simple, consistent movements.

How far you want to take it is up to you

You may want to start with some simple ‘deskercises’ featured in the accompanying infographic. These simple movements can easily fit into your workday; some can even be performed while you’re on the phone. The key here is repetition and consistency. You’ll have a better chance of success if you schedule it into your day— every day— just like a meeting or phone call.

VTEC Home Solutions is all about the kids

February 18, 2017

[email protected] wrote:

Remember the days when applying for scholarships meant spending the day in the guidance counselor's office digging through endless file cabinets? Me, too. Miss it? Me, either!

Students should certainly have to work to earn a scholarship, but working to simply find and apply for one just seems silly! At Outside Scholarships, we want to take the extra work out of the process so students can focus more on grades, extra curriculars, and service hours, and less time drowning in paperwork. We've collected some excellent scholarship opportunity information and were hoping you'd share it

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